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Q9 Consulting's project risk management training and product development risk management training are targeted to the new and experienced risk managers. Each class uses a client-specific project with the end result a valuable addition to the on-going project. Consider these classes an opportunity for all attendees to contribute to an important project.

The classes examine the psychology of risk and how different people perceive risk in the same project. The finance staff may view the project's risk profile differently from the R&D staff.

The project and/or product is examined to discover possible downside risks and opportunities to exploit uncertainties to the company's advantage.

The Risk Management for Executives hands-on workshop develops a value proposition of integrating project risk management into the overall corporate risk portfolio. Methods for integrating product quality risk management into the project risk management process to enhance the value of project management are developed. The target audience is senior managers, directors and above.

The focus of Project Risk Management is implementing the risk management processes in the PMBoK Guide. An emphasis is placed on risk resulting from interaction of people on projects. Hard tools are developed for cost, schedule and scope risk.

The Product Quality Risk Management course focuses on the common tools and techniques used to assess product development risk. These tools and techniques include FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA), FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), checklists and other tools.

A section of the class focuses on the effects of bias on project risk. In 2009 ASTM International conducted a study of laboratories. They found that 80% of the laboratories demonstrated bias in methods resulting from interaction of people. Methods of overcoming bias are explored.

Methods of managing and controlling assessed risk are implemented.

This course can be targetet for ISO 14971 training or ICH Q9 training.

Facilitating a risk assessment is different from facilitating a meeting. This hands-on class teaches the attendees to effectively facilitate a risk assessment.